Dating woman has been sexually abused

22-Apr-2018 01:02

In turn, this could increase her risk of future sexual victimization. 688) Ullman, Najdowski, and Filipas (2009) found that substance abuse and problem drinking may play a role in both "numbing" PTSD symptoms and increasing the risk of further sexual victimisation.The findings of this study suggested that "once PTSD symptoms and problem drinking behaviours are accounted for, CSA does not directly predict future victimization" (p. In other words, "child sexual abuse-related sequelae may indirectly contribute to increased risk of additional re-victimization, even in women who have experienced [adult sexual assault]" (p. Although still sparse, some research has started to emerge on the link between child sexual abuse of boys and sexual re-victimisation.This study also specifically examined the effect of gender on the risk of re-victimisation, reporting that overall women with a history of childhood abuse were more likely to experience trauma and re-victimisation in adulthood.

Most studies have used cross-sectional and retrospective designs; very few studies have examined the risk of re-victimisation longitudinally.

Kessler and Bieschke (1999) reported that incestuous abuse increased the risk of adult victimisation more than peer abuse and non-familial abuse.