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After discovering his B, Jason took a butcher knife to school then stabbed his physics teacher before being reprimanded in a struggle.Two years following the incident in a article, it was reported Jason raised his grade average to 4.614 (exceeding the perfect average of 4) by taking advanced courses and graduated with highest honors. Jason got better than perfect grades and still emotionally lost himself by trying to wound or kill his teacher.Students in school are lead to believe their academic knowledge is the primary determinat of a great job and success.Howard Gardner in , says that IQ is too narrow to predicate success.If you have experience in hiring people, you know the importance of people skills.

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The transition for intelligent people from being goal-oriented to process and people-oriented is usually realized through experience.The intelligent person with poor communication skills is insensitive.Hopefully I can reveal the elusive obvious to you in this little exercise. I want you to categorize, and roughly rank, class members based on two sets of criteria: intelligence and popularity.The second category of students were intelligent, hard workers, got good grades, and were very focused on their studies.